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The Complete Guide to Hiking in Provo Canyon

It is the perfect time to get some fresh air after a long winter. What better way to do that than to take a hike up Provo Canyon? Provo Canyon offers stunning views, not to mention the unique trails that are weaved throughout it.
The trails of Provo Canyon provide plenty of options depending on your experience level, how much you want to venture out, what type of views you are interested in seeing, and what time of year you are going. Below is a list of the most incredible hikes Provo Canyon has to offer, ranked from easy to hard.

Easy Hikes
Moderate Hikes
Hard Hikes

Easy Hikes

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is a short 1.4-mile trail, but don’t let that trick you into thinking it is anything less than spectacular. The trail is paved and easy to walk, bike, or run on and is great for little kids. The waterfall is a great place to take your family to play in the water and climb alongside the falls. This is a perfect hike to do during the summer when the water isn’t too cold to play in. The total hike should only take 30 minutes. 

Distance: 1.4 miles

Elevation: 114 feet

More Easy Hikes

Provo River Parkway Trail

Provo River Parkway Trail starts down by Utah Lake and ends just north of Cascade Mountain, stretching across the city and up Provo Canyon. That distance offers you a taste of what Provo has to offer as well as Provo Canyon scenery. It’s an easy, steady trail the whole way, with a lot of stopping points. Most people will break up the trail and walk it in different parts on different days. This trail can be used for many activities such as running and biking. 

Distance: 15.2 miles

Elevation: 839 feet

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Bonneville Shoreline Trail is sure to be an unforgettable experience with the beautiful greenery that surrounds the pathway. The city of Provo created this trail that leads up to the north end of Rock Canyon in the 2000s. This hike should be easy, with just a few steep inclines along the way. Prepare for a two-hour hike perfect for a beginner with an afternoon to fill. It stays busy with mountain bikers, hikers, and runners. Dogs are welcome to be off leash for most of the hike. 

Distance: 5.3 miles

Elevation: 610 feet

Moderate Hikes

Top of the Y

Hands down, this is one of the most popular hikes in Utah, and rightfully so with the view you get of Provo when you reach the top of the Y. The whole 2.2 miles is steep, but it should be a moderate hike for most people. There are a couple of viewpoints along the way where you can rest and look at the city. If you go right before sunset, the trail provides the perfect vantage point to watch the sun dip behind Utah Lake. It’s a sight worth seeing a couple of times. It should only take an hour-and-a-half round trip. 

Distance: 2.2 miles

Elevation: 1,092 feet

More Moderate Hikes

Slate Canyon Overlook

If you have been looking for a hike with scenery to die for, Slate Canyon Overlook is perfect for you. Along your 7.1-mile hike, you will be able to see the north side of Slate Canyon. It is enriched with aspen and pine trees and meadows full of wildflowers that would make anyone stand in awe. With an elevation of 2,874 feet, it’s a perfect hike for someone that isn’t super experienced but wants a little more of a challenge. You should plan on hiking for about four hours. 

Distance: 7.1 miles

Elevation: 2,874 feet

Stewart Falls

The 3.4 miles will be full of exciting views. At the end of the trail, you will run into a picture-perfect waterfall enclosed by the mountain range. The hike is moderate for most, with a few short steep inclines and the elevation reaching 646 feet. It usually takes about an hour and a half to hike, but plan to spend a little extra time there enjoying the water. This trail is a local favorite and heavily traveled during the summer by families. Remember to bring a bathing suit to be able to play in the waterfalls. 

Distance: 3.4 miles

Elevation: 646 feet

Squaw Peak Trail

When fall hits and the leaves are changing colors, Squaw Peak Trail is the place to go. The many different trees that frame the trail compose an impressive sight to see. There will be a couple of bridges that will help you across the winding green streams, and the top features many spots to climb up rocks to look out onto the valley. Due to the steep inclines, Squaw Peak Trail is for more of an experienced hiker. Count on being on this hike for about four and a half hours.

Distance: 7.8 miles

Elevation: 2,831 feet

Rock Canyon Trail

Rock Canyon Trail will lead you to a lovely campground, perfect for a picnic. The trail is known for being rocky, but it should be a moderate hike, with lots of areas to stop and rest if needed. Depending on the time of year you go, you will see a number of different travelers, such as skiers or cross country runners. Rock Canyon Trail should only take you about three hours to complete. 

Distance: 5.7 miles

Elevation: 1,722 feet

Hard Hikes

Toad Head Ridge

If you’re an experienced hiker looking for a little more adventure, Toad Head Ridge is the hike for you. Most of this hike is off trail, which means you will encounter some bushes that you’ll have to get through to see the beautiful view. There will be a lot of rocks to explore and climb over as well along your way to the peak. This hike is usually empty of other hikers. You should plan on this hike taking three hours. 

Distance: 3.3 miles

Elevation: 2,424 feet

More Hard Hikes

Shingle Mill Peak

Get ready for a day full of hiking. Shingle Mill Peak takes about nine hours to hike, with most people using this trail for backpacking and camping. It is known for being a more challenging hike, with plenty of steep inclines, but it has many views along the way. With the high elevation of 5,692 feet, you can see Y trailhead, Provo Peak, Cascade Mountain, and a lot more from the trail. This trail is diverse and can be hiked year round. 

Distance: 15.3 miles

Elevation: 5,692 feet

Provo Peak

If you’ve been looking for a challenging hike, Provo Peak is the one for you. The elevation sits at 6,522 feet, and the trail measures 11.6 miles long. It is known as one of the highest and steepest peaks in the area. There are many places to stop and camp along the way if you want to make this hike a two-day adventure. This is not a very busy spot, and you are welcome to have your dogs off leash for most of the hike. You should plan on this hike taking eight hours. 

Distance: 11.6 miles

Elevation: 6,522 feet

Maple Mountain

Maple Mountain is full of beautiful views along the entire 7.7-mile trail. This hike can be challenging for most since the trail has a lot of uncleared pathways. Winter is the perfect time to hike this trail, as most of the bushes have died, leaving a more clear pathway. Should you go in spring or summer, though, you will be surrounded by wildflowers and aspen trees that make for exquisite scenery. To begin, you must start on the Y trailhead and branch off to the south. Plan on hiking for a little over five hours.

Distance: 7.7 miles

Elevation: 3,914 feet

Cascade Saddle Trail

With open valleys and river streams guiding you along the trail, Cascade Saddle Trail has to be one of the prettiest hikes. The summer is the perfect time to go on this hike because of the greenery that reflects off of the streams. It is a hard hike but well worth the steep inclines you will endure. Measuring 10.5 miles long, this hike should take about six hours to complete. When you reach the top of the ridge, you will see Utah Valley on one side of you and Uinta Mountain on the other, making for an excellent picture. 

Distance: 10.5 miles

Elevation: 4,035 feet

After a long summer day of hiking one of the many beautiful trails in Provo Canyon and seeing all of the aspen and pine trees, what better place to come home to than the Devon at University Place. Not only is it the perfect place to cool down and relax, but it is also close to Provo Canyon, so you’re never far from an adventure! Call (385) 270-8538 for any housing information today.